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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Almighty God is swallowing them

Pharaoh wouldn’t let the Israelites go. When confronted by Moses in the name of Almighty God to let His people go, Pharaoh refused instead called them names, call them lazy people and ordered that they fetch their foods themselves while ensuring they finished their daily works. That was too much for the Israelites who cried and lamented against Moses for making such a move. Exodus 5

After the Almighty God struck Egypt with ten plagues Exodus Chapters 7-12, the bible recorded that in the night that Pharaoh begged Moses to leave same night immediately with the Israelites out of Egypt and asked that they bless Him also.Exodus 12:31-32

After they have left, Pharaoh grew angry again and went after them to bring them back to slavery. When the Israelites saw the Egyptians armies coming, they screamed and started murmuring against Moses, who told them that they will not see the Egyptians anymore after that day, for the Almighty God will fight for them and they will hold their peace. The Almighty through the rod of Moses divided the red sea, allowed the Pharaoh’s armies to enter well into the Red Sea, and then swallowed them therein. That day marks the end of Egyptians affliction over the lives of the Israelites.

Now, I don’t know that which you had been praying for. That which have been afflicting your life/your finance/your marriage/your joy, whatever be it, that you don’t want. I have very good news for you,

The Almighty God is doing something NOW concerning that in the mighty name of our Lord. If you believe that , shout Hallelujah!

I pray for you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, tonight everything challenging your prayers, contending with the promises of God in your life, in your career, in your ministry, by the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, lose its hold and let you go NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Now concerning that stubborn enemy, that allows you today and comes back tomorrow, that illness that goes and comes back, that financial instability, that power that causes you to progress a step forward and more steps backwards, that makes men to see and sincerely love you but disappears when marriage discussion comes in, that power that is behind miscarriage, power behind unfruitfulness, name them, NOW as in the days of Moses against Pharaoh and his armies Exo14:13-14,I pray by the power that divided the red sea, let them be swallowed by their red sea in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Affliction will not rise again the second time, says the Almighty God. You will see those NONSENSE no more in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ

I destroy every works of satan working against any area of your life by the word of Almighty God in 1John3:8

As I was receiving this message this morning even as am typing it now, this song has been in my mind, ”God said it, and I believe it, that settles it” And I know that is your song also in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Any mouth, power ,forces, principalities calling you negative names, calling you barren/lazy/unfruitful, mocking you in any area of your life, today be silenced in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. For divination, no incantations against you shall stand in the mighty name of Jesus Christ according to Num23:23.

Receive a new name that the Lord is calling you according to Isaiah 62:2 NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
Now, prophetically, speak into your life, call yourself the names you want to be known as in area of your life. Examples, if you are waiting on the Lord for a husband, call yourself Mrs….; if you are expecting a child, call yourself mummy this or that; daddy this or that, same with other areas of your life

You can still pray the prayers for yourself again and also for your relations/loved ones.

As for your testimonies, they ARE SURE in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ. God can’t lie, never lied and won’t start with you.

Please note that the above will work when you consciously  avoid sin especially SEXUAL IMMORALITY ! 

Please do not make our God look as if He lies ! RUN FROM SINS,ESPECIALLY SEXUAL IMMORALITY.

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