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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Even satan is aware that you are a STAR !

When a man or woman is born, heaven and earth are aware .Hence, as in some countries, researches are made to know what future holds for such a baby.

Similarly in the account of Matthew in Matthew Chapter 2 , when our Lord and master Jesus Christ was born, satan knew! Then through King Herod, satan inquired of what will become of Him and when King Herod found out that He will be a great King, He cleverly sought for where the boy was to destroy Him.

Dear reader, satan is aware you are great, hence he is cleverly seeking for how to destroy you, and of course his weapon is sin. Please run from sin sexually immorality, blood sacrifices, fraud, lies. These kill!

Notice that the wise men saw and followed the STAR, but later went and asked in King Herod’s palace of  where the boy Jesus was born.

I asked myself, what happened to the STAR they saw and was leading them?

And this is the answer I got.

“There are 3 stages in life of a great person/ A STAR
  • When the STAR of such a person first shines
  • When the STAR, seems to hide
  • When the person appears finally for full manifestation ”

Have you heard or experienced in life, someone that was doing excellently and outstanding, in school/academically, intellectually? One who highly creative and so on BUT suddenly the person seems to have lost all those talents/gifts? Came out with school with no good result, not marrying on time, not getting job on time, joining a bad group ,not bringing forth fruit on time etc ?. 

Do you know or see yourself praying, fasting, studying your bible, living a right life but all seem not to be working out well?

If you are such a fellow or know such, please go and congratulate him/her, tell the fellow it’s a SET UP. And the hour has come for His manifestation. So, I congratulate you is you are the fellow !

How? You may ask me

If the STAR of boy Jesus wasn’t hidden, King Herod could have easily slaughtered the boy Jesus and terminated His destiny! Those times it seems a STAR is hidden or things are not working, the Almighty God is preparing you, fortifying you, and protecting you against the enemies that heard / saw and know what will become of your destiny, who are doing anything to abort/terminate it.

Just look at the extend King Herod went to destroy a destiny!  Killing of innocent babies from 2years down, that’s how wicked/dangerous our enemy, satan is.

 But the Almighty God knows how to handle him and the right time to do so.

The third and final stage is when the Lord has done away with your enemies, when He has built you to face and stand whatever that will challenge the blessings He has given you.

Please NOTE every blessing of the Lord to you is also a source for the enemy to attack/afflict you. Therefore more blessings demand a larger/increased prayer life. If God blesses you with a life partner, devil will want to come in through there. If God blesses you with a child, the devils strike through them, same with all the blessings of God. If one is not sensitive, those blessings of God ,will take a person out and far from God?

Have you heard statements like?
  • Am tired because of lots of work at the office, thus can’t pray
  • I can’t make it to church because I have my children, husband, food, house chores to take of; thus cant meet up.
  • And many more.

These were the things we prayed and begged God for. Guess, in other words, we are trying to say, God please take these blessings so I can have time to worship you as before.

Back to our discussion, so when the Lord has seen you are mature and ready to face the world, He blesses you beyond measure even on a daily bases.

Then, like Jesus Christ, you can then go and start manifesting God’s glory anywhere you go.

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