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Monday, 3 November 2014

God is delivering them into your hands !

That proposal you are waiting its response,

that certificate you are waiting for,

that letter of approval you are waiting for,

that result you are waiting for,

that promotion you are waiting for,

that P.O(Purchasing Order) you are waiting for,

that LPO (Local Purchasing Order) you are waiting for,
the document you are waiting for,

The Almighty God by the power of His might,deliver into your hands,this day,this week to the glory of His name in the mighty name of Jesus Christ !

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  1. amen, the waiting so tough, scary

  2. The Almighty God by His mercies is attending to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.When He has answered you,please make sure you tell the good news to people around you and let them know that Jesus Christ is real,and as of old that God still answer prayers.I am confident that God us answering you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    1. thank u send prayer request to the given id

    2. You are welcome !
      prayer requests should be sent to

      Thank you