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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Take charge,the week is yours !

Be careful for NOthing ! Fear is from the enemy,satan..Fear NOT!! Enter the new week with boldness.

By the power of the Holy Ghost and authority in the word of the Almighty God,I command every mountain before your week according to Zach4:7,be leveled in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I stand on Isaiah45:2-3, and decree every crooked ways/mountains before you, by the hands of the Almighty God, be made straight/leveled even NOW in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

That business/that proposal/that marriage/that thing which you have started, which is on course, the same YOU will complete it ! You will finish it well and good according to the word of D Almighty God in Zach4:9 in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

Your week is loaded with divine blessings in d name of our Lord Jesus Christ

 Here is the link for our 3rd fasting & praying details

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