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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

It will still happen this year 2014,DO NOT BE AFRAID !

The Almighty God is saying to someone this morning,"Do not tremble,do not be 
afraid.Did I not proclaim this and for tell it long ago?  You are my witness,Is there any God beside me?No,there is no other Rock;I know not"

I don't know what is causing you to be afraid,that which you are  thinking its not possible again this year,God Himself said,"DO NOT TREMBLE,DO NOT BE AFRAID !".

We are in  the 11th month, The God of 11th hour is up on your behalf,in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

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  1. amen and amen. Lord help me, still praying for the breakthrough

  2. D Almighty is granting your request in the mighty name of Jesus Christ