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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Be careful of praises from men

Sometimes, the people that praise us, the people that testify and announce our breakthroughs/arrivals, create problems for us.  

King Saul’s anger against David was not because he killed Goliath It was not because David was skillful with instruments. It all started the day; the women were dancing and singing praising David, chanting Saul killed a thousand and David tens of thousands. The bible recorded from that day, King Saul eyes David differently.

King Herod’s anger wasn’t against the children in the land but once he heard the praise from the wise men about a new king, his anger arose.

We have to be careful of people’s praise. Even God said in Matt 6, that if we do a “suppose to be spiritual” thing openly and get praises of men, that we should not expect any reward from heaven. 

Similarly, most times in the bible when our master Jesus Christ does a miracle/healing, He often tells such not to tell any man! Contrary to what we see today in televisions

Funny but true,most people that praise us when we are up/rich/influential/successful ARE still the people that mock us when things go or appears rough for us.

We need to be careful and watchful of praises of men !

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