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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Little boy and my tambourine

We had a combine service, which is a service involving the Adults, Youths, teenagers and Children. I love using tambourine during worship and praises, but before the commencement of the worship session today, a little boy came wanting to use the tambourine but I wouldn't allow him to.  

Then the worship session started, I knelt down with my eyes closed and the tambourine still in my hand, worshiping the almighty God. Then, something dropped in me to open my eyes and I did, behold, the little boy was kneeling beside me and worshiping too!

Guess what?
Without wasting time, without talking to the little boy, I handed the tambourine to him. Then, I closed my eyes and went back to worship mood. When, I opened my eyes again, I discovered the little boy has left! On searching for him, I sighted where he was ; and there was an older boy who collected the tambourine from him and he was helplessly looking at the older boy; apparently he went to show him his new gift/blessing/tambourine.

I quickly reached out to them and collected the tambourine and came back to my seat. And it was praises time.As I was praising God; I looked beside me and saw the little boy again. Once again, I gave him the tambourine. Immediately, not up to 2 minutes that I gave him the tambourine, this time, an older girl rushed with speed, wanting to collect the tambourine, but I reached out to tambourine and resisted the girl, who then ran away.

Now, the little boy stood beside me and  did not go anywhere else, he was playing and enjoying  the tambourine as long as he was with me, and I noticed the older ones looking at him from far with envy.

WHILE, all these were going on, the Lord through His Spirit was ministering to me as below:
  •          If we can worship our God, that which seems impossible, that which we had been praying and begging for; suddenly will be handed over to us effortlessly!
  •          Most times, we allow the gifts/blessings to take us away from God and take us to the camp of our enemies where we will be stripped of our blessings and also be turned to slaves by the devil.
  •          Regardless of our past mistakes, what we have lost; if only we can come back to God, He is ever ready to accept us and give us that which we lost.
  •          As long as we abide and fellowship with God, as long as we are not away from His sight/His ways/His instructions; He will continually be watching over us, chasing the wicked ones away from us while we enjoy His blessings upon our lives.

I pray for you, in the name that is above all names, that name Jesus Christ; that all it will take to worship God in spirit and in truth, the almighty God pour upon you. All you have lost in the past, as you renew your relationship and fellowship with God, the almighty God restore double in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, that power, that craftiness of the wicked one that will take you away from God even when He has blessed you, be destroyed. All that is required to abide forever in the presence of God, to enjoy the blessings of the Lord to the fullness, the almighty God give you now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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