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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day 7,Just say all you want

Welcome to Day seven of our Fruit fasting and praying

Today is the 7th day of our fruit fasting and praying. The number seven (7) signifies / stands for PERFECTION. If you can remember, as we were starting this programme we were given four (4) texts namely;

Eccl 7:8
Haagai 2:9
Zech 4:9

Number four signifies / stands for ESTABLISHMENT.

Just putting the two together,
I smiled and said, “God is the highest planner !”. I didn't know but I just discovered that God is perfecting all that concerns you as well as establishing you in the areas where you had been shaking/ afraid in the past.

Today, we won’t be giving out prayer points. All you need do is to tell God all you want Him to do for you. You can read the ones we prayed from Day 1 to Day 6 and extract prayers there and pray them.

Declare all you want, NO MATTER how big and impossible, it may look like. Leave the rest for God who set up this programme. 

Am 100% sure that the Almighty God will definitely honor his name in your life as you obey and pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Please read the four texts above and personalize / speak them into your life.

If you have your prayer request written down, this is the time to present it to God. But, if you didn't write yours, no worry, once you have them all in your mind. Just pray accordingly.

Mat 20:6-16,it doesn't matter how and when you started, even if you are starting, NONE of your blessings /testimonies will be carried over to 2015,ALL WILL BE SORTED OUT this year in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

PLEASE, LET GOD KNOW HIS INTEREST IN ANSWERING YOUR PRAYER. Jesus Christ always says that is for the Father to be glorified while Hannah said, she will return the child to the temple of God, so he can serve there all his life.

You MUST learn to tell God what He stands to gain by answering your prayers, if we must be getting quicker answers from Him.

Thank God for your answered prayers!

PLEASE ONCE AGAIN If you ever hear or receive any message that asks you to send card, money or sow a seed to usPLEASE DO NOT DO SO, ITS NOT FROM UNMASKINGTHETRUTHS! 

OUR ANOINTING WAS FREELY GIVEN, AND WE ARE COMMANDED TO GIVE FREELY! Matt 10:8  8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, and raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Click here to read more on this here 

Please click on this link for details  october 2014 prayer details

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