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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Get this,YOU ARE MADE !

“You are chosen among the selected angels in heaven, to represent the kingdom of heaven, to be an ambassador of the kingdom of heaven.

I trusted you above the others angels that were called, out of which you were preferred and chosen, that you won’t fail me in the mission am sending you.

And because of the love I have for you, when you conquer and come back to me, a crown awaits you and other angels will serve you when you come back.

All am sending you to do, I have finished from the foundation of the earth, that’s why am He that knows the ending from the beginning, the alpha and omega!

Only do not allow the wind of the world to cover your eyes and ears from hearing my voice and looking unto me.

When you get to the earth, be not afraid!

Anywhere am sending you, I have made provision, I have finished the work.

Just be ready, keep yourself good for me to be working through, that’s all I need from you.

Now, I release my breathe, my spirit in you, go with the abundance of grace in my son Jesus Christ and my protection and promises be with you.”

Above stated is Almighty God talking to you before sending you to the earth.

And until you come to this understanding through the Holy spirit, you do not know who you are yet ! Why you are here! 

The time left and that you will go back someone to account.

I pray, the Almighty God through His Spirit help us to understand who we are in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

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  1. Interesting, never thought of it this way