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Monday, 13 October 2014

Jesus a candle ?

Was in one of our clients’ school this afternoon. That was my first appearance in the school after the long holiday added with the extension date caused by Ebola!

Lots of changes and beatifications!

 I had a long time, reading articles on the walls, in the classrooms and offices. They were really great !

But one articles caught my attention and it read, We are candles, we are consumed to give light”

Waooh!!  We are consumed to give light?

Why I was pondering on scriptural connection to the statement! This dropped in me,

“Jesus Christ was consumed, so we can have light and shine that men will glorify God”, but more wonderful it is, that after He was consumed He rose and still lives.

Share the same thought as I do?

Are you are or can you be a candle in someone’s life or to your environment?

What area can you be a candle ?

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