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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Day 1,Worship and Praise Him

The Lord has started answering our prayers! Praise God!!

Very clearly I heard around 3: am this morning, that “SURELY there will be AN answer today”. To that I said amen to myself first.

 In fact, the message alone is AN ANSWER for me already.

But I believe the message is also for someone else, if you are the person shout halleluiah!

While praying this morning, an unusual name I call God was coming out my mouth, Jehovah Rehoboth.

I checked and found out, the Lord is saying that He is God of enough room! He is more than ENOUGH to attend and answer ALL of our requests as well has MADE ENOUGH ROOM for our prayers and their answers. And so, it will be concerning you and me as we pray in the mighty of Jesus Christ.

Some of the passages given for us yesterday on what God is doing in this fasting and praying are:

Eccl 7:8
Job 8:7
Haagai 2:9

But,we won’t go into details now as that its not what we are directed to do today.

Today is Thanksgiving Day and below is prayer guide:
  • Worship God, for who He is. Call Him names, example
  • He is the King of kings,
  • King of glory,
  • King of ages
  • The One that was, the One that is, THE One that is to come,
  • He is the God that dwells in an unapproachable light,
  • He is the Ancient of days,
  • He is greater than the greatest,
  • He is higher than the highest,
  • He is wiser than the wisest,
  • He is taller than the tallest,
  • None can see Him but we feel and see His wondrous works,
  • He is the one that suspended the heaven from the earth without a pillar
  • No one elected Him to be a King and none can dethrone Him,
  • He is the un created creator,
  • He is the unmovable mover,
  • He is the unchangeable changer
  • He is the invincible God,
  • call Him names !
  • Exalt our King, worship
  • Him like never before!

Ask for forgiveness of sins

Move on to thanksgiving proper, below is a guide:

  • Thank God for keeping you alive
  • Thank God that your are senses are sound enough to read these messages
  • Thank God for making you a part taker of this programme.
  • Thank God for not giving upon on you, else you would have been consumed in the past(pause and check where you have passed in the past even yesterday, if you are honest, you will know that many that passed through same road/route are no more today)
  • Thank God for your family
  • Thank God for this online/social media programme
  • Thank God for the success and testimonies of this past programme
  • Go ahead, think of what the Lord has done for you and thank Him
  • Thank Him for the prayers He answered you in the past
  • Thank Him for the ones He is answering now
  • Thank God for the ones He is set to answer
  • Thank Him for His word that said,”that SURELY there will be AN answer today”

  • These are what we doing today. Please DO NOT ASK GOD for anything TODAY!

Please do all you can to be happy with everyone you meet today. If it means giving, please give! Do all things to be happy.
Our MIRACLES/TESTIMONIES has started already!

Please make out a QUALITY TIME today, choose an okay time (morning, afternoon, night) for you, and engage in a serious/special worship and thanksgiving, for say 30minutes, 1hour or more as the spirit of God will lead you. Sing, worship and dance unto your God. He is worthy of it. He is good and His mercies endures forever and ever, so praise His Holy name.

Worship and praise the Almighty God all through today, in your place of work, home, anywhere. Of course, not in a way to disturb others in your place of work, home.

SURELY, concerning you, there is AN answer today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ !

Please click on this link for details  october 2014 prayer details

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