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Thursday, 6 November 2014

You call it affliction BUT I call it rolling into my palace

After 3months the people hiding and keeping Moses couldn’t anymore, so they prepared a basket, put him inside, dropped him NOT in the centre of the water but by the side. They also watched from a far as the basket was moving.
Moses I suppose would be saying, ”God, so this is it ! Am finished! In a basket, rough world and heading for destruction”. But as he was saying these,he suddenly discovered that he was in a better place, a better world, he has everything, he found himself in a palace!! Exodus 2:1-10
I don’t know what life seems to be giving you,
How difficult things appear to be
How resisting and unfruitful your cries, fasting and prayers seems to be.

I bring you good news
The Almighty God is aware. Just as the people couldn't take care of Moses and let him go in basket by the river bank; so have you tried to do it on your own power and human effort and failed.

 But because you are praying and crying to God,

The Almighty God has set you rolling into your palace,
 into your destiny,
into that which you have been crying and believing Him for. And you did not know it and you are crying!

And the good news is that as you are rolling/struggling and crying, the Almighty God has His eyes fixed on you to see that you do not move or enter any wrong place but where He destined you to be.

I see you entering into your palace,I see you rejoice,I see you celebrating soonest in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

My single prayer for you is that the Almighty God cause you roll fast in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

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