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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Can God lie?

After you have been first blessed both in the city and in the country, The Lord said the fruit of your womb will be blessed (Deu28:3-4).

I have good news for someone believing God for the fruit of the womb, your time has come in d mighty name of d Lord Jesus Christ.

 How do I know?

The Almighty God cannot make mistake with His words and He has already started by blessing you with a marriage. If He has done, this; Then He will sure do the second part which is blessing the fruit of your womb!

The Almighty God is the Alpha and Omega! He knows the ending of a thing from its beginning. If God said that the fruit of your womb will be blessed, then He was sure of that you MUST have children not may have! Otherwise, He wouldn't have made such comment. God means what He says and says what He means!
He is not a man that He will lie, nor the son of man that repent concerning his words, has He said it and will He not do it? Num23:19

Furthermore, He said in Exodus 23:26, NONE shall be barren neither shall any miscarry. In Rom 3:4 Let every man be liar but God true

  • Worship God
  • Ask for forgiveness and mercy (sometime and most times, our sins do make us not to partake in God blessings / promises; though some other times, it might just be that God meant such to glorify Himself)
  • Thank Almighty God for the things He has done and for opportunity to glorify Himself again.
  • Remind the Almighty God of His words which cannot be altered or thwarted but surely comes to pass. 
  • Ask Him to make His words become true concerning you, that His name be glorified through Jesus Christ! Read Isaiah 43:26, Jeremiah 1:12; John 14:13-14

I pray for you, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and by the power that divided the red sea; every works of satan saying No to the promises of God concerning your fruitfulness, concerning you bringing forth and carrying your children, be cancelled and destroyed now !  According to 1John 3:8 in the might name of Jesus Christ.

 I rejoice with you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Your testimony is certain in the mighty name of Jesus Christ ! 

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