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Monday, 10 November 2014

God,please don't take my mind !

He should be approaching 60 in age but likes chatting me up anytime he comes with a work for me to do for him in my office.

 I enjoy his talks about bible/Christian practices of old and now.

Today, he brought up the issue of people questing God when certain things happen in life. Making reference to Job 38, from verse 1, when God was questioning Job.

He left me laughing with this concluding statement.

“Those that are asking God questions seem to have forgotten that He created everything, even the mind that they are using to reason out the questions they are asking. Then, he said what if God takes that their mind that they are using to query him? Which one will they use to question him?
I was full of laugh as he was leaving.
Then,I prayed and said "God please do not take MY MIND O! Please help me to be reasoning well and to know that you are the Almighty and know the ending from the beginning."
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