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Thursday, 6 November 2014


While in the office yesterday, a man I never knew from anywhere walked in and greeted me. He introduced himself as Pastor. We exchanged greetings and he sat down. He said he came for a fellowship meeting held in one of the offices, but since they have not opened, he decided to walk in and wait for them in my own office.

Calm ,humble and gentle looking man, he was. He started telling me stories/testimonies as well as tried to encourage me. Well, I guess he must have seen bibles and other Christian books on my table. He asked me how work was, hope we are managing. To which and I told him am blessed that am doing my best looking unto God. He smiled and said to me that’s why he said am managing.

Since I hate to argue,I  responded within me and said “managing CAN NEVER be my portion. If that’s what you choose for yourself, it’s up to you!”
Then, he said to me,
“Sometime in the past I wondered why things seemed rough for me but working out for people not committed as I am”. He further cited an example. He also said he was very angry with himself on one occasion and was asking God why and where he wasn’t getting it. Then, he slept off.

In a trance, he had a revelation where there was a very long tunnel and everywhere was thick dark! Suddenly he could see a torch in his hand. He noticed that wherever he flashed the torch, there will be a very big light chasing away and clearing darkness, suddenly he saw a big snake fast approaching any direction he flashed the torch light. While the snake was approaching the torch, he dropped the torch and stepped aside into the dark. Then the snake came to the torch trying to roll over it, kind of struggling with the light, and then he woke up.

While pondering over the meaning of the revelation, he said, “I was meant to understand by the spirit of God, that satan attacks light/children of God and that’s why it sometimes happens such. That if he has been tied by satan or in darkness, the attack won’t be”

When he concluded and was telling me about his plans to be reaching out to prison inmates, the fellowship people he was waiting for came and he left. So, I didn’t have time to add or remove from all he said. I like listening and allowing people pour all they have, before I talk if I must.

Well, as much as what he said or understood of the revelation could be true. I strongly believe if the torch light was as strong / intense as in 1Tim6:16; and he continued holding and pointing the torch at the snake, it would have blinded the snake! 

What in common has light and darkness? When the light comes, darkness cannot understand it. That’s my stand and it’s been working for me.

How can I drop my torch light because of an attack from a serpent / trials and tribulations of the world? It’s an error! I rather die holding that torch light.

No wonder the pastor was looking pitied .He has resolved to the fact that once he is working with God, he can’t be comfortable or enjoy anything good in this life as satan is continuous on attack against him.

I pray for you my beloved reader, by the power in the word of the Almighty God and in that name that is above all names, any snake and whatever that represents snake, attacking your light, attacking your salvation, attacking any area of your life, like in the days of Moses against Pharaoh, let the snake of the Almighty God SWALLOW them all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

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