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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Miracles ? Not like these !

Our master Jesus Christ, said  in “Matt 21:13 It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer ,' but you have made it a 'den of thieves.'"NKJV”  

Today we have prayer houses instead of house of prayer, where men run to for solution instead of salvation. Where souls of men are not cared for but destroyed! Where God’s” power is been merchandised!

How can you explain these statements from,"men of God"?
  • Get pregnant in 6 months with a certain consultation fee?
  • Pay us to fast for you (while you go back and continue in sexual immorality and other sins)
  • Holy spirit says there is a message for someone here whose is wearing a red pant
  • Offer so so amount of money so that when the devil/spirit /demons casted out comes, asking for settlement, we can sort them out
  • Pay 250,000 naira get male children, pay 200,000 get a female!
  •  Read Psalms this ,Psalms that  3times 2 daily for 21days ,from 12midnite to so so time, come back again and report for more direction. (medical /native doctor? )
  • Eat grass in an open field
  • Don’t wear under wear to church,so that the holy spirit can have a free flow
  • Pay Holy Ghost transport,(from heaven to earth?)
  • Sow desperate seed offering,to show God how desperate you need your miracle !
  • Collect the sand from where I marched / stepped upon, put in water and drink!
I weep for the church/body of Christ! 

These satan masquerading themselves as angels of light  have slept with our sisters, wives and even killed many, robbed many of their hard earned money, all because they are ignorantly seeking solution instead of salvation.

Yet because the eyes of men have been blinded, they still rush to these wicked men, honour them, papa them! Mummy them! Daddy them! Idolize them and fear them more than God.
 Hell fire awaits anyone that visits them as much as it awaits those fake prophets/teachers.

 Jere23:9 -32.
God is very angry against lying "prophets/men of God". Twice I got a revelation that He will deal and expose them in Nigeria  and I believe same with other countries and to His words; He has started with two big names as promised. What they are experiencing is just a tip of ice berg as those “great ministries will be exposed more and their leaders put to shame in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

These men/women lie, confuse the children of God, and cause them to worship idols without them knowing, channeling the souls of men to hell. 

Some say it’s ASSIGNMENT! 

What is the difference between the assignment, when to carry it out and how from that of the occults and native doctor? May the Lord in the name of Jesus Christ, have mercy upon His church and children while exposing these men/women that have sold their souls to the devil because of money/material things. And give us d gift of discerning/knowing/identifying these false prophets.

Any person/church/ministry that is not interested in your salvation and seeing you live and walk like Jesus Christ is fake! Please run! 

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