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Friday, 14 November 2014

You will Dance soon !

Dancing is something that everybody loves, either dancing by yourself or watch others dancing. There is always an excitement, joyous moment or celebration in the dancing environment; there is always a reason or purpose for the dancing.

There are two events in the Bible that tells us about dancing and the results of the dance are remarkable.
In 2 Samuel 6:14-23 the Bible recorded that David danced before the Lord, with all his MIGHT, David used all his power and strength to dance not minding that he was the king at that time, he danced so much that his wrapper  fell off his waist. How did you danced before the Lord your creator, maker, the one that redeemed you, save your soul from destruction; are you always conscious about the people around looking at you, are you conscious of your position in the society or you are thinking that dancing is for children or the un-serious people.

An uncommon dance will bring uncommon miracle. Uncommon dance will yield uncommon fruits of Blessings, signs and wonders. Uncommon dance will bring about uncommon overflowing blessing.

Michal the wife of David despised (her husband) as he was dancing before the Lord, and her womb was shut, she was the only woman that died childless in the Bible while David was established forever.

Verse 20 tells us how Michal analyzed the uncommon dancing of David; it will be a glorious thing if you can uncover your nakedness before the Lord in dancing.

v  Uncover your poverty in dancing
v  Uncover your sickness in dancing
v  Uncover your failure in dancing
v  Uncover your sorrow/bitterness in dancing
v  Uncover all your challenges in dancing before the Lord.

Another dance that we must make reference is that of the danger of Herodias who danced at the birthday of Herod and that dance brought an end to the life of the great prophet john the Baptist in matt. 14:6-11.

There are different types of dancing, David danced before the Lord and was established forever. Herodias Daughter danced before the king (a mortal man) and it brought down the head of john the Baptist.

What is the source of your dancing and to whom are you dancing. Are you dancing unto the Lord or to Men; is the Lord source of your dancing.

What kind of music are you listening to or did you dance to. Our society is full of divers kinds of music or dance in our society is not glorifying God but Satan.

Will you dance with our might and strength before the Lord like David, or you dance before Satan to bring down the heads of men (Like john the Baptist).

What kind of dancing are you r children dancing, are they bringing heads of john the Baptist to your home and rather shed tears of sorrow we are bailing them. Our birthday parties what kind of dance do we exposed or encourage our children to dance.

What an uncommon dance that brought down the head of the fore-runner of Jesus Christ.
Like we always sing (When the spirit of the Lord is upon my life I’ll dance like David danced).You can only dance upon the Lord when His spirit comes upon you; and you dance to Satan when the evil spirit is also in you.

If you have been dancing to Satan and his demons as from today in the mighty name of Jesus, the yoke is broken upon your life.

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