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Friday, 7 November 2014

God is giving you a SLOT !

And when all hope was lost. No more admission as all classes had been filled, then they got the money they were looking for to secure admission and rushed to the school! But  NO MORE SPACE.
Very sad! With head bowed down with tears and the needed money in her purse, the mother had lots of question marks on her head on why her? Why her daughter? Why did the money come late and so on? 
Then suddenly someone called that ONE SLOT just came out as a result of someone not meeting up. That was how the daughter gained admission by taking the SLOT.

I pray for you therefore,
in the name that is above all names, that name Jesus Christ, whatever need to be removed, whoever need to be displaced/relocated, whatever need to be done for your SLOT of blessing/promotion/promotion/breakthrough/lifting/children/marriage etc to be announced, the Almighty God by the power of His mighty, anyhow/any means CAUSE to happen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Your competitors, your enemies WILL NOT meet up with requirements to accuse/stop you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

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