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Monday, 24 April 2017

Pure Water is the Answer that problem !

It will shock many to know that ALL that is needed for poverty and its mentality to be purged out from a person is Pure Water !

 Pure Water purges conscience too !! 

Thank God for mid week bible study that opened my eyes to This Pure Water.

Here u can find the make of the Pure Water.Heb 10:22.You can read from vs 20.

And as Jesus said in John 13:17,'Happy are you wen you hear and DO these'.Thus my happiness is marriage, career, ministry, body etc are in my hands,that is in KNOWING and DOING the Word and for sure yours are in your hands. In other words,'sad is anyone who doesn't DO the Word'.

Are you experiencing any unhappiness in any area of life, pls check the Word again concerning such area and Do the Word.

**2017,It Is Done * *

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