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Thursday, 18 September 2014

You Star Must Shine

While sitting outside the church yesterday night waiting for the night vigil,I looked up the sky and it was very dark but I saw stars shinning. Because it seemed it will rain,I also noticed cloud came and covered the star and it couldnt shine anymore BUT given time,the cloud passed and the star started shinning again and giving out light.

Then,I got an instruction 2 pray for us as follows: 

(1) In the mighty name of Jesus Christ,either satan likes it or not,regardless of how things are/seems to be n wherever your now,YOU MUST shine !

 (2) Any cloud of darkness,whatever represent cloud in any area of your life,covering your star,stopping u from manifesting God's blessings,d wind of d Holy Spirit,clear away in d mighty name of Jesus Christ.

(3)I pray that d Almighty God shake heavens for your sake and cause your blessings to rain upon u in d name of our Lord Jesus Christ

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