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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We each have a need to be heard

The most basic human need is to understand and to be understood. 
But most people do not listen; they listen with the goal of responding

To respond is to react, and to react is not to listen.

The art of listening is through silence.

Look at these word and mix them up. Listen. Silent. A perfect anagram.

The essence of listening is in silence:
  • Do not judge
  • Do not question
  • Do not fix
Be the silence that is needed when someone else speaks.

For many, being silent feels like being inactive. But listening is the act of paying attention, the act of consideration. The silence is not suppression; it’s where understanding begins.

So the next time you are prepared to speak, realize that you can listen and learn in silence.

  • Silence is the source of acknowledgement

  • Silence is the presence of appreciation.

  • Silence is the genesis of connecting one with another.

If you can stand the silence you will probably understand the spoken words.

Lead From Within: It is through silence that wisdom comes. The Art of Listening is what we get when we want to be heard.

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