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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I think she true about leadership on this

I got this from Lolly Daskal and I think its true

How many leaders do you know who are approachable?
Who put you at ease and make it easy to talk to them? 
Who spend extra time and attention really listening to you?
Who make you feel comfortable?
Who have patience?

Do you know any leader with all those traits? If so, you are lucky.

Most leaders create segregation and separation, and miss the mark when it comes to accessiblity.

How can you become more approachable?

Put people at ease. An approachable leader makes people feel comfortable and at ease. People at ease can work together, connect, and communicate without fear of retribution.

Listen intensively. Approachable leaders listen more than they speak. As a leader, you don’t always have to fix things. Listening attentively is a key element of letting others speak and come up with solutions.

Stay curious. Approachable leaders stay open and ask lots of questions. Stay curious and interested – there is always room to learn something new.

Stop secrets.  Approachable leaders do not advocate keeping secrets. When you freely share personal and business information, you allow people to get to know you so they can understand you.

Be a sounding board. Approachable leaders understand that people will come to them with good and bad news. Show compassion and empathy; let people know they can always come to you.

Earn total trust. Approachable leaders possess a lot of information. Be intelligent and ethical in your use of this information, and give your people reason to trust you.
Remember, when you make yourself approachable you are looking for the best in your employees. You are valuing others for who they are.

As a leader, you don’t only lead – you must also stay open and listen. You must embrace compassion and engage empathy. Making yourself approachable and accessible it’s the secret ingredient to great leadership.

Lead From Within: Leadership is getting the best in your people. Make being approachable the governing trait of your leadership.

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