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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Truth about Deliverance

"Spiritually",Deliverance means been free from a stronghold/bondage of satan on someone's area(s) of life,say fruit of d womb,finances,health,prayer etc..
It doesn't matter how many times a person falls or rolls on a "deliverance ground or service" or dreams/nightmares,if the individual doesn't know the truth,he/she remains bound. In fact his/her case will be worse.Lk11:24-26.But if thou
will know the truth as written,then will such a person be free INDEED.Jn8:32&36..To help us in this,we need to know who we are 2cor5:20.Please have a thorough research on who an AMBASSADOR is,his/her rights&authorities/powers,securities,benefits etc in d country where he / she is sent by his country/kingdom.

The TRUTH here is that we are Christ's Ambassadors.

Note : Our constitution  is the  bible and country/kingdom we are representing is heaven while we are sent to earth/ the world. If we do this research,we & our household will be delivered in deed, in every area we need deliverance.And here is another TRUTH,every issue in a country has a law/constitution/bible/word that deals wit it.

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