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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Church before and now

The missionaries that brought Christianity to Nigeria, achieved the followings;
  • Free education
  • Free health care
  • Giving to the poor
  • Love and unity
  • Heaven consciousness
  • Church was house of prayer
  • Abolished killings of twins and burial of the dead with the living and many more....

Christianity today in Nigeria have achieved the following;
  • Expensive schools that church members cannot attend
  • Extorting money from members
  • Hatred and wickedness in homes/families/society and the church.
  • Killing for spiritual powers/signs and miracles!
  • Worldly consciousness
  • Church today is house of humor where any and every comedian comes to crack jokes even with the names of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Church is now campaign ground for politicians who climb a supposed to be altar of God and talk nonsense.
  • Increase in crime and sexual immorality.
  • Use of life humans as church pillars and at altar during church building,

We have to stand up, face the truth and save “our world from this nonsense! Though we can’t change the entire world but we can change our world.

Enough of rubbish from these “fake prophets/spiritualists”. 

Rise up ! 

Pick up your bible, search for the truth and ask the Holy Spirit to help you with the understanding.

This nonsense must stop! 

Of the truth, real power and presence of God is no longer in most churches today.

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