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Friday, 26 May 2017

Try this Second Method

Beloved ,
In John 4:7-15,we see therein that there are two ways to quenching thirst/solving problems in life.Method 1: One can suffer from walking distance/moving up and down,making it difficulty to fetch from A DEEP well as seen in Vs 11,which is fearful and risky ! 

D sad part of this method is that each time a fellow wants to solve such problems/issues/thirsts, such a fellow MUST pass through same process again.For example, some people must renew juju/ritual killings for fortunes and " power" to be flowing.Some must indulge in sexual immorality anytime there is need to feed or foot bills while some will go back to corruption/fraud if there must maintain their"level" in the society. 
Like stated,this method requires constant renewal,rigorous, painful, risky exercise.
Another method we see in the message is where a person becomes full,acquires his/her expectations to a level of overflowing, giving to others ! Verse 13 says that not only will you not be running about for your expectations but you will have,even to an overflow for out of the person shall flow.... 
And this method is as simple as carrying D Giver of All things in you.Jn3:35,Col 1:17.Sincerely, I tried the first method for years but it didn't work plus it has stupid and unthinkable conditions attached, then I tried the second method and it's working wonders for me plus I have peace/joy unspeakable.

Why don't you give this second method a trial or tell someone who you think shld try.Out of you will flow wealth, children, healing, breakthrough, joy etc as Jesus Christ fills you up.

**2017,It Is Done * *

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